True collaboration lives in an open terrain,
where the heart is aware and people are welcome whole.

Everyone has ideas.
Execution is king.

Hardships present soil for growth.
Every challenge is an opportunity for ascension.

What’s most personal is most universal.
Lean into the discomfort.

Change is constant. Surrender is an eternal,
albeit decisive, exercise for human life.

A branch that does not bend in the wind,

To create, you must understand creation. To understand creation, you must contemplate the creator. Learn to read the code, instead of making it up.


Writers’ Cell is a development house and production company that specializes in creating original films and series for global video-on-demand platforms. The backbone of our work is a development process that pushes boundaries and presents the world with trend-setting visual narratives. Our value stems from our focus on developing and recruiting diverse series creators and writer/directors, who have distinct creative visions and the ability to execute successful bodies of work.

We emphasize the role of research in informing our work; we respond to audience demand and trends, in addition to our creative perception of the world’s current emotional landscape and challenges. Our series and films are committed to the delicate act of balancing commercial and creative value.

Writers’ Cell develops its intellectual property in-house. We enter co-productions with regional and international players, with whom we carry our films & series from inception to distribution.

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